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Here are some of the topics
in the book "Unseen Forces."
1. Tools Unseen Forces use
2. Evil Unseen Forces
Inhabit Earth.
3. Demonic Infestation of
Planet Earth.
4. The Possessed Object
5. What and Who Are Ghost?
6. Characteristics of Evil
Unseen Forces
7. Possessing The Accursed
8. Incest
9. Aliens Or Demons
10. Abductions
11. Implants
12. People Unaware
13. The Intruder
14. Signs of Human
15. Signs of Property
16. Curses Used by Evil
Unseen Forces.
17. The Occult and the
18. Law Enforcement and
Demonic Activity.
19. Ignored Children
20. Mediums
21. Mediums and their
22. Witchcraft Today
Explaining Paranormal Threats and Activities
Unseen Forces, The Book Image
Unseen Forces, the  book that
exposes paranormal behavior
between Ghost, Spirits, Aliens and
Demons. Click on
"Unseen Forces"
Book tab to read more.
Most people don't believe in a world filled with spirits. I can't blame them, if they have
never seen them.

As a minister for over thirty years, the one thing that I can tell you is, that THEY ARE
REAL. Most people try to connect ghost with spirits, but this doesn't work.

Understanding the Spirit World takes someone who can link the dots of reasoning together, with Bible
knowledge, since it is the most spiritual book ever written, and with what is happening to humans
today. The Spirit World is much like the "Wind." You can't see it, but you can see what it does.

When the Creator created humans, He did not create murders, thieves, liars, hate, rebellion, or any
such evil. This behavior came from another direction, and another person. Anything that is not like the
Creator must be like someone else, because the Creator made humans in His likeness.

Have you ever asked yourself, "Why did I say that?" Right out of the blue, you said something that was
weird, strange, or even hurtful to someone. Have you ever heard, or read of someone, who did some
disastrous deed that had no reason? You probably thought in the back of your mind that it was you who
generated the thought. However, this might have been you, or it could have been a demonic being
wanting to destroy something or someone in your life, in some way.
We Want You To Educate Yourself About the Dangers of Satan's Devices:
How can Witchcraft touch me and my family in our daily life?
What makes my teen so rebellious?
Can I get sick or have an accident from a curse?
Can I have marital problems from active demonic forces?
This Web Director is currently creating a data base that will help you understand how the spirit world
works. Why we are to "Try The Spirits (I John 4:1) and why we "Should not be Ignorant of Satan's
Devices. (II Cor 2:11)
As a Minister and Exorcist for more than 30 years, I feel some things need corrected, especially in the
Media. There will be possible answers to why your animals suddenly fall into sickness, or why your teen
started to rebel against you as parents, or why your family life all of a sudden turned the wrong way,
among other important answers. If you understand the spirit world, you can better understand God's
Word, and better know if it is His decisions in your life, or has evil entities taken control. I offer these
Web Pages and my book "Unseen Forces" to help you understand Satan's plans to kill your love for God.  
We are in a spiritual war.
Everything on this Web site is FREE, without any registration, or delays, all you need is a desire to
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What do you do when the Unseen, becomes the Seen?
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However, after a large part of the angels decided to rebel against their Creator and what He wanted for them, "evil spirits" emerged.

Within the good angels that wanted to keep following their Creator, there came new and different jobs or duties for them. Usually
the new duties came to be the protection, and communication with humans, from those who wanted to go their own way, the evil

As far as the evil spirits, or evil angels, there came new and different jobs or duties for them, created by their leader, Satan,
Beelzebub, The Dragon, The Liar, The Murderer, or what ever name he has been given down through history. These duties became
enormous in their numbers, but some includes the destruction of humanity by any means the humans would agree with in making
their decisions. Another duty, was to get humans, by deception, lies, or any other way, to "worship the leader" of the rebellion, Satan.

The motive for this, was a heart filled with jealousy, on the part of the rebellious spirits, because the humans were offered
(All of this is explained in detail in my book "Unseen Forces") Forgiveness was not offered to the angel spirits. Soon
after, the leader of the evil band of spirits, thought if he could devise a way to have at least part human children, God, or the
Creator would have to give his children forgiveness, because they were part human, and if God gave forgiveness to his children,
then Satan could claim they were his children, and he was the parent. Although half breeds, he could still claim the right to be
forgiven because he and others like him, were the parents.
(Satan has tried this in several ways down through history. The first
was the Nephilim (Giants) and the other is through "alien abductions.")

But angels can't have sex. This is a misconception. Angels are not "given in marriage." Angels or spirits can have sex, they did in
the past, and giants were born to them. Today demons have sex with those who are in Witchcraft covens during the meetings, as
well as other documented, and eye witness accounts. The Bible explains that some of the evil spirits or evil angels were locked up in
chains, after that happened to the daughters of men. Nevertheless, we don't know if these who were locked up, were these
particular spirits. We do know that the giants were still roaming the earth after the flood.

We do have a number of accounts of evil spirits copulating with Satan's followers in the most dangerous coven meetings of
witchcraft, and even Satan himself copulating with his high ranking witches called "The Brides of Satan," which are few in
number, but scattered around the world. These people really do exist.

This part of wanting forgiveness for what they did, when they rebelled against their Creator, was because the angels or spirits are
always before the face of God. They can see He exist, they see what He does, they see how He does things, but humans have to
operate by "FAITH," alone, never seeing God's features.

Because of the spirits wanting forgiveness, they have committed every kind of deception, manipulation, and evil to get this done in
the form of half breed children. (Giants) They succeeded when the giants were born from the daughters of men, but the DNA turned
out more evil half breeds. They haven't dropped this goal or vision at all. This is the reason, I believe, that aliens want our blood,
DNA, or want to experiment on us, is to obtain that half breed human without the creation of another race of evil children. Are aliens
demons? They sure have the same behavior patterns. In fact the book of Enoch speaks of the giants either being possessed with
demon spirits or were demon spirits. (I Khanokh 15: 9) Evil spirits such as Satan and others take a great amount of pride in their
children. (I Khanokh 12: 6)

Understanding the Spirit World takes on a quest of understanding that can be seen in the physical world. Although the Spirit
World does exist, many people are ignorant of it because they are not trained in how to see it with their eyes. Let me give you an

Fear is something that doctors of all types and kinds relates to the brain function, when a human is in danger. However, fear was
not present at the creation of man. Understand that there are two kinds or types of fear. One type of fear, is the fear of God, the
other type of fear, is the fear of anything we can't understand or that threatens our lives. The fear that proceeds from the fear of
God, comes from the fear of being judged. The fear that comes from fearing men, comes from being tormented, hurt, tortured, or even
killed. The last example of fear comes from the fear that Satan gives humans. Any doctor will tell you that fear can cause health
problems such as an heart attack, stomach problems, and even a mental breakdown. All such problems comes from evil spiritual
contact with the human soul.

The fear that comes from human fear has a life all its own. This fear, because it comes from evil spirits, can be sensed by an
animal. We can't smell it as humans, and we can't see the fear in a physical form, but animals can smell or sense it. Have you ever
seen a dog that can smell an evil spirit? They can and often do. This is one of the many reasons why children need a dog as a pet.
They are able to warn their master of something that will bring them fear. Once a dog has a smell of fear from their master, they
can remember that smell and they remember what made them that way in the first place.

In the Spirit World, fear is "THE FOOD" for evil spirits or demons. Once fear can be established in a human, the demonic can better
do their duty WITHOUT MUCH RESISTANCE. Without fear, there is faith. Where faith is, fear cannot feed the demon, to give them
strength and power over the human. If or when a human faces a demon, they must not give out any fear in any way. Once fear is
established, the human can't find faith. Chase out fear and faith will bruise the face of fear and soon make faith the food of the
FAITH FULL. This is why a person must depend upon prayer, and that is to chase out "fear." Once fear has been chased out, the evil
spirit that carried it, has to leave also.

The spirit world has a vast amount of activities and abilities, most of these are not understood by many. The spirit world is a place
where those who live in it can do things that are mind boggling and impossible to the normal minded person. Being able to
manipulate the air between the seen and the unseen is nothing to those who live in the spirit world. The ability to use human sin as
an instrument to further their cause of human destruction is also common for them. The ability to either use or make something that
appears material or mechanical to confound and confuse humans to draw them away from their own Creator is an age old trick, but
it works.
In the Spirit World, there are four types of spirits. Holy Spirit, or the spirit that is like the Creator, the "Human Spirit," which we
have, the "Angels Spirit," which inhabits, or is the essence of angels, and the "Evil Spirit," which is the spirit that is opposite of the
Creator. At the beginning, there was only two spirits. The first spirit was the Holy Spirit, which belonged to the Creator. The second
spirit was the creation of the angels, which had a connection, but somewhat different, with the Holy Spirit, as long as they followed
after their Creator.
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The mind of man has its own defences, the more it seeks after the truth, the less it is deceived!
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Explaining the Secrets, Threats, Origins, and Activities of the Paranormal with Experience, The Bible, Common Sense,
Research, and my book "Unseen Forces!" Explaining how cults of Witchcraft, Satanism, and Voodoo uses the Spirit
World of Evil, Human Spirits, and Ghost, to Manipulate the Natural World!
In the "Last Days," there will be a vast amount of Witchcraft practice around the world. Witchcraft will
be the cause of God's judgment at the End of Days. (Rev 9:21 and 18: 23)
Satanic Crimes Are On The Rise, and
Christianity is slowing.
Using the book "Unseen Forces," and the Web, to Educate and Inform people about Witchcraft,
Satanism, Voodoo, and the Cults, which are INCREASING, and a threat to our Moral Standards,
Country, Children, Law, and Way of Life. We want to use every avenue of life to explain how harmful it
can be to ask spirits into your life.
Law Suite Filed Against Satan in the Western District of
Pennsylvania for misery, and threats against the plaintiff .  
Law Enforcement Pages
"Teenagers Witchcraft and Law Enforcement," which will give you in Law Enforcement information about
why Teenagers accept Witchcraft. Why do they reject authority, and can they find this kind of life in
Witchcraft? Can Teenagers get a life of no responsibilities in Witchcraft? Why are Teenagers going to a
vegetarian diet? And what is some of the evidence you look for in a Teenager who is into Witchcraft?
These are just some of the questions answered in this one Web Page of "Teenagers Witchcraft and Law
Items of Interest Page has additional info as of 07/13/12
"Signs of Witchcraft Activity." This Page will give you a start of what to look for when Witchcraft or Satanism is present in your
corner of the world and what to look for in a "Crime Scene," that will give clues to Witchcraft Activity. Most of these items are
explained in some detail and should not be viewed by those who can not stand strong verbal descriptions.
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